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Fact & Fiction

This is Pirates Exhibitions poster
This exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through pirate history, film and literature. From the Cilician pirates of the Roman Mediterranean to the Golden Age pirates of the Caribbean. Meet Vikings, Barbary corsairs and Chinese pirates on the way and discover facts about their ships, weapons, tactics and usually short lives!

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Way of the Warrior:
Epic Movie Arms & Armour

This is the Way of the warrior exhibition poster
This exhibition presents warriors that have influenced our lives, changed the course of history and entered our imagination through the immortality of film. With props and costumes from some of the most popular historical blockbuster movies and TV shows ever made.

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Hollywood Rome:
Reel Lives in the Ancient World

This is the Way of the warrior exhibition poster
Hollywood Rome is a new interpretation of one of the world’s great civilisations. It mixes historical and archaeological context with our unique collection of cinema and television props and costumes from films such as Gladiator, Ben-Hur and Spartacus.

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Warriors of Japan

This is the Samurai Exhibition Poster
This spectacular exhibition brings graphically to life the story of the samurai and their fall from power as Japan opened up to the West. Visitors will discover the origin of the samurai and their extraordinary warrior code of Bushido and learn how life was organised in feudal Japan.

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