Pirate treasures on Pirates Exhibition

Hire Fees

We calculate hire fees based on the size of the venue’s space we are filling and the duration of the exhibition. The final figure will include the delivery, installation and removal of the exhibition, plus advertising materials such as posters and education resources. It also includes a gallery layout service.

On average our exhibitions hire for between £1,500 - £3,500 per month.

We only hire around 3-5 exhibitions per year and we do not charge VAT.

We can cater for any size of venue and are happy to try and work to your budget.

No Risk Profit Share Option

If you are charging entry for your exhibitions we are happy to consider a profit share on the ticket entry instead of a hire fee. This is a no risk option for venues very short of funds. We are confident that our exhibitions will increase your footfall. All we ask is that our delivery and removal costs are covered so that we are not out of pocket. We can then negotiate a percentage of the entry fee that suits both partners. This is usually paid at the end of each month.

What We Need From You

For a full quote send us the address of your venue with the size of your space, ideally with a gallery plan and the dates of the proposed exhibition. We will send you a quote and our terms and conditions of hire.

We charge a small deposit, usually around 15% to secure your booking.