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This is the Samurai Exhibition PosterEXHIBITION SPECIFICATIONS

Collection: Original film props and costumes including Oscar nominated costumes from The Last Samurai (2003). A range of original samurai artefacts from Japan illustrating many aspects of samurai life. A full suit of original samurai armour.

Available: From 2015 - 2025

Size: Modular, it can be tailored to suit almost any hosting gallery up to 200 sqm. It has wall mounted graphic interpretation and interactives. Requires a 3-metre-high ceiling.

Tour History: Includes: Redditch Forge Mill Needle Museum, Torquay Museum, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

Hire Fees: Request a quotation.


Samurai: Warriors of Japan

This spectacular touring exhibition brings graphically to life the story of the samurai and their fall from power as Japan opened up to the West. Visitors will discover the origin of the samurai and their extraordinary warrior code of Bushido and learn how life was organised in feudal Japan. The exhibition will reveal the truth behind the mysterious Ninja, exploring the weapons and training of these deadly samurai assassins. It will tell the story of the real last samurai and the final, futile struggle to preserve an ancient way of life as Japan opened up to Western trade. It also illustrates their influence on popular culture and especially the Star Wars franchise.

The exhibition illustrates a range of armour, weapons, and costumes using film props from the Tom Cruise blockbuster movie, The Last Samurai (2003). The Oscar nominated costumes and props, some created by Weta Workshop, have come from California and have rarely been displayed in the UK. With large banner graphics, movie posters, flags and hands-on exhibits. Samurai: Warriors of Japan is the only touring exhibition about samurai available in the UK. It contains seven complete costumes from the movie, plus a real suit of Samurai armour, as well as a range of original samurai artefacts and wood block prints.