This is the Hollywood Rome Exhibition PosterEXHIBITION SPECIFICATIONS

Collection: Original film props, costume and armour including Oscar winning and nominated designs and ‘hero’ costumes. Can include more than 15 complete original costumes. With original cinema posters, banners and interactive elements.

Available: From 2019 - 2026

Size: Modular, it can be tailored to suit almost any hosting gallery up to 250 sqm. It has some free standing and wall mounted graphic interpretation.

Tour History: The Novium Chichester 2019.

Hire Fees: Request a quotation.



Hollywood Rome: Reel Life in the Ancient World

This exciting new exhibition revisits one of the most popular periods of history, Ancient Rome, for an entirely new take on one of the world’s great civilisations. The Roman era has interested storytellers from William Shakespeare to Stanley Kubrick. From AD 2000 with the making of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator the Hollywood Roman epic was reborn. This exhibition brings together Pop-Up Exhibition’s outstanding collection of screen used cinema and television props, costumes and armour, from films such as Gladiator (2000), King Arthur (2004), Centurion (2009), The Eagle (2011) Ben-Hur (2016) and Spartacus (2010-13). It interprets them in the context of the history and archaeology that have inspired the film makers, presenting historical figures in a way that will connect with modern audiences and fans of historical cinema. The exhibition includes interactive and handling elements, original cinema posters and banners, screen used fabric hangings from Gladiator and museum standard graphic interpretation. Includes a section on classic sword and sandal cinema of the 1950s and 60s.