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This is the Pirates Exhibition PosterEXHIBITION SPECIFICATIONS

Collection: Original film and TV props and costumes including ‘hero’ costumes from Black Sails. Reconstructions of Pirate costumes from around the world. A selection of replica and real objects from the periods depicted. Can include a full-size replica naval cannon.

Available: From 2014 - 2024

Size: Modular, it can be tailored to suit almost any hosting gallery up to 300 sqm. It has either free standing or wall mounted graphic interpretation.

Tour History: Includes: Hartlepool Maritime Experience, Brading Roman Villa, Gosport Discovery Centre,

Hire Fees: Request a quotation.


Pirates! Fact & Fiction

This exhibition takes the visitor on a journey through pirate history, film and literature. From the Cilician pirates of the Roman Mediterranean to the Golden Age pirates of the Caribbean. Meet Vikings, Barbary corsairs and Chinese pirates on the way and discover facts about their ships, weapons, tactics and usually short lives! Includes spectacular costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails, Peter Pan and Spartacus. A range of period objects including: weapons, ship models and treasure. With high quality graphic interpretation, posters, maps and interactives.

Pirates! is a family friendly experience suitable for any size of venue from 50 sqm to 300 sqm.
Pirates! Fact & Fiction was seen by over 41,000 visitors at Hartlepool Maritime Museum in its 13 -week run. Museum Manager Mark Simmons commented: “A resounding success that continually received positive comments from all ages of visitors.” Contact us now to book Pirates! Fact & Fiction for your venue.